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Kwidditch: Rohan by black-labrador Kwidditch: Rohan by black-labrador
I cannot draw ages :') no other excuses

Basic Information ►

✦ Name: Rohan Nayar
✦ Nicknames: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ rohanna

✦ Nationality: British - 2nd gen Indian

✦ Sex: Male
✦ Gender: Male

✦ Birthday: 12th April
✦ Age: 15

Physical Information ►

✦ Ethnicity: Indian

✦ Height: 5’8
✦ Weight: 65kg

✦ Voice claim: x !!!!!!! (im so excited i found something!!!!)
✦ Face claim: None yet

School Information ►

✦ House: Slytherin
✦ Year: 5th
✦ Blood status: Pureblood
✦ Wand: Sycamore | Unicorn Hair | 13’ | Pliant

✦ Electives:
  • Study of Ancient Runes
  • Arithmancy
  • Alchemy

✦ Extra-curricular:
  • Music (violin)
  • Orchestra

✦ Duelling Stats:
  • Level 1: [ 10 HP | 3 DEF | 2 Luck ] [ 2 ACC | 2 INT | 2 DEX | 2 STR ]

Personal Info ►

✦ Personality:

[ Loyal | Outgoinging | Caring | Curious | Competitive | Stubborn | Impatient | Arrogant | Confrontational | Judgemental ]

Rohan is generally a positive, sociable individual who loves being amidst a hubbub of activity. And if he is in the centre of attention, all the better. He does like to consider himself clever and charming, and has a vain streak about a mile wide. He is very competitive and gets thoroughly invested in games of all kinds - especially Quidditch. He adores meeting new people, though this does not mean he will always take a shine to them. In fact, he usually makes a snap judgement on someone based on their first interaction. It takes a lot for a negative opinion on an individual to change.

That being said, he does usually find people on the whole easy to get along with. He expects his friends to be able to keep up with him and hold their own, and those he considers friends he will go out of his way for - both to help or to stand up for. He does not tolerate being wronged well and will call people out on it, and may even do so in a public setting depending on how he feels it will be taken.

✦ Likes/Dislikes:
[ + Attention + Flying + Quidditch + Games + Pranks + Heights + ]

[ - Being ignored - Dank and dreary weather - Fish - Whiny people - Cold - Boredom - Small furry mammals - Puffskeins - ]

✦ History:

Rohan was born into a Indian family a few years after his parents moved to the UK. By the time the boy was three, Rohan and his parents settled in a large house on the outskirts of London, his parents securing jobs in St Mungo's.

Now, in regards to his family, Rohan comes from money. Very much so. Rohan’s mother’s side of the family were pretty well off coming from a historically high ranking caste of warriors, however this side had muggle blood. Rohan’s grandfather was muggleborn, and his grandmother a muggle due to an arranged marriage. Rohan’s mother and her two brothers all developed magic, and despite this, remained close with their muggle cousins. Even after marriage to Rajan(dad), Devika(mum) made sure to keep up with her muggle relatives, ensuring Rohan's family was reasonably up to date with non-magical advances, though he still is a bit of a grandpa when it comes to using muggle technology.

On the other hand, his father's side of the family are pureblood wizards, and many of them held relatively high positions within the Indian equivalent of the Ministry of Magic, or were Healers. Rajan was no exception to the rule, becoming a healer. His sister however was a different matter, with Kajal striking out as a fashion designer. Where she met her husband was anyones guess, but they settled near to Rohan's family (ie in the UK), and had a daughter(Octavia) barely a year after Rohan was born. Rohan and Octavia spent a lot of time together as young children, and still spend time together during school holidays.

Overall, Rohan had an extremely easy life, with private tutor and easy access to just about anything he wanted. When he turned 11, he received his letter to Hogwarts and his first few years at the school were relatively uneventful. Being basically the first in his family to have attended Hogwarts, Rohan had no familial ties to any house, and his sorting into Slytherin had no real effect on him. He settled into the bustle of Hogwarts life relatively easily, making friends and getting involved in activities (keeping a rather beady eye on quidditch).

With the first scary exams around the corner, Rohan has started considering his career choices pretty solidly settling on healer, and paying a bit more attention to classes than earlier years. But only slightly.

✦ Family:
  • Devika Nayar [ Mother | Half Blood | Healer | 47 ]
  • Rajan Nayar [ Father | Pure Blood | Healer | 47 ]
  • Jacob Hart [ Uncle | Pure Blood | Committee on Experimental Charms | 45 | Slytherin ]
  • Kajal Nayar [ Aunt - Father's sister | Pure Blood | Fashion Designer | 44 ]
  • Octavia Hart [ Cousin | Pure Blood | Student | 15 | Slytherin ]

✦ Relationships: X

Extra Info ►

✦ Fun facts:
 - Genuinely hates fish. Both alive and dead
 - He’s pretty stellar at eyeliner, his cousins trained him well
 - He plays the violin
 - He is left handed

✦ Pinterest: X 

OOC Info ►

✦ Timezone: GMT

✦ RP Method:

  • Style:Lit or script im cool with either. Though time constraints mean im usually more keen for HC’s
  • Methods: chats > Discord ( black-labrador#8194 ) > Skype(note me) > twitter/gdocs etc.
✦ Shipping/Relationships:
Im always up for character interactions, from friendship to hate. As for shipping, im not opposed, but with Rohan it will depend on the prior relationship with the character
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